Meetup Mates is one of Tecknuovo’s community initiatives. Our mission is a simple one: we want to ensure than tech meetups are open, accessible, and fun for everyone who wants to take part.

Our community can be found on Slack where we chat, get to know one another and share ideas. You’ll hear about the latest events happening and where Meetup Mates will be next, as well as pre-meets in your area. From an hour before a meetup, we gather at a nearby venue and then attend the Meetup together as a group.

Founded in London, we’re now setting sail across the country, so look for us at a meetup group near you - the nerve-wracking days of attending meetups alone are over and we look forward to you joining the crew!

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We love feedback! If you love something new we’re trying out or you spot a way we can make things better please email the Meetup Mates team at

Meetup Mates is a Tecknuovo initiative and is run by Tecknuovo employees, but it remains a community platform and is open to anyone who wants to take part. We require personal data from our Mates to add them to the Slack channel, however as with all our community initiatives, this data will never be used by Tecknuovo for any sales activity and is held in a separate database. Please refer to our values and privacy policy if you want any more details on this.